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  The artist Bouana invites viewers to explore a spiritual, imaginative journey through a desert of extremes. Her artworks - paintings, drawings, and installations - explore the ever-changing power of nature and the nuances of the human experience. Bouana's works depict the desert as both harsh and beautiful, full of mystery and a sense of freedom, and combine abstract elements with figurative representations to create a powerful dialogue between opposites. She seeks to capture the desert's unforgiving heat and barren landscape, as well as its fragile and ephemeral moments of joy. The Bouana exhibition at the Chapelle Saint-Gobain is an invitation to reflect on the void and absurdity of life and to find hope in the face of suffering. Don't miss your chance to experience this remarkable journey - the exhibition will run from 05/04/2023 - 16/04/2023.


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 In this emotionally charged exhibition, Bouana Efrath takes us on an awe-inspiring journey of exploration, capturing the profound feelings of exile, foreignness and the extreme contrast of that being. Using a vibrant color palette, the artist poignantly portrays a landscape full of life and movement, yet with figures appearing to be in a state between life and death, disconnected from their origins and having to find a new equilibrium. The metaphysical vision of a human after exile is conveyed through a being that rises with wings of a bird, having to dance between the branches of the tree in order seek a balance. The artist conveys the lightness required in the face of the weight of the journey and the longing to fly, with the wind swaying from side to side. This is a deeply moving exhibition that speaks to the realities of displacement and the challenges of rebuilding a sense of belonging in a foreign place. It is a moving exploration of the human condition and an invitation to pause and reflect on the deeper aspects of our existence.


The works are large scale paintings made with oil and pigments on canvas and wax or encaustic colors. The artist explores with the physicality of the paint and the texture of the material, creating an integral part of the narrative. The vivid colors of the works and the movement of the shapes give the feeling of being in a dreamlike state, where the boundaries between the earthly and the spiritual are blurred. The artist’s use of wax and encaustic colors adds a further layer of depth to the works, as these materials have a translucency that creates a mysterious atmosphere. The use of wax and encaustic colors also allows Bouana Efrath to create a sense of movement and energy within her works.


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Maggot Brain

GROUP EXHIBITION AT Gallery "59 Rivoli", Paris.

Artists: Laura Ben Ami, Efrath Bouana, Anuradha Delacour

   When physical confinement is mandatory, we must deal with our own selves and the need to reformulate, rethink, and reinterpret the world becomes more present and stronger. Reality becomes bloodless. It is then necessary to revisit it, to turn it upside down. And that is where imagination, this almost supernatural power, allows us to escape from the place where we are. It is a real need to dream, meditate, travel, go to other horizons, other ways of being in the world and existing. "Maggot Brain" is a title of the Funkadelik group and it evokes a state of mind, a form of freedom, a connection between the universe and music. Maggot brain or the maggot of the brain refers to our artistic, intellectual research and its relationship to music. It represents one of the foundations of our respective works in what there is of vibration, transformation, gesture and matter. Through the musicality of matter, corporality and movement, a space/place of transcendence and transmutation opens up to us. This new space questions the essence of our humanity, our relationship to the world and to others. The materials we work with are rhythms, waves, sounds and durations that organize themselves into cycles. They make the intangible real, the spiritual and materialize the echo to the world that we are looking for. Thus, musicality is everywhere and all around and allows us to write in different graphical and conceptual ways a search for universalism.

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